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Sustainability, for us, means more than the sum of environmental, economic and social performance. We are transformation vectors for an increasingly integrated model.
We work so that the entire agricultural chain is sustainable and that negative environmental impacts are mitigated and minimized, always based on a transparent relationship with all our stakeholders.


Respect for the environment
Environmental programs
Awareness and Partnerships


Social Responsability
BrasilAgro Institute
Community Relationship


Policy, Code and Regulations
Risk Management


Respect for the environment: We only acquire areas and start our operations after mapping the limits and taking all actions to ensure that the environment is respected.

Environmental Programs: In addition to our Protected Areas Conservation Program, we have Waste Management, Recycling, Effluent Treatment, Water Monitoring and Area Recovery programs.

Awareness and Partnerships: We carry out several actions to raise awareness about the preservation and care for the environment and we also act in the prevention and combat of forest fires in partnership with ICM Bio and in the rescue of animals with INEMA.


BrasilAgro promotes concrete actions and invests in social and environmental projects and activities, seeking to contribute to the development of communities in the regions where it operates.

In 2020, the company took an important step in terms of social investment with the creation of the BrasilAgro Institute, which was created with the objective of being the Company’s social arm and whose purpose is to transform people’s future. The Institute’s mission is “To promote and implement social actions that enable opportunities for the responsible development of communities in low-income and socially vulnerable situations”.


BrasilAgro was the first Brazilian agricultural production company to go public on the Novo Mercado, the highest level of corporate governance established by B3 (São Paulo Stock Exchange) and the first Brazilian in the agribusiness sector to list ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). In view of the listing on the American stock exchange, the Company meets the requirements of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and, therefore, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), which provides for the creation of mechanisms and measures for control, transparency and good corporate governance practices.

To ensure transparency in management and business for the benefit of all shareholders, the Company has a negotiation policy, which establishes rules and procedures for people linked to the Company (executives and employees), with access to relevant information.

In addition, the Company also has a Material Fact Disclosure Policy, which defines the criteria, timing and person responsible for disclosing such information to investors to ensure that data to the market are distributed in a broad, transparent and homogeneous manner.

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