Investors Relations

Why invest in BrasilAgro?

Acquisition of 321 thousand hectares of land in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia
Development of 144 thousand hectares in 15 years of operation
144 thousand there are transformed lands
Sale of 97 thousand hectares with high appreciation rates
169 thousand hectares cultivated in the 2021/2022 harvest

Leading company in agricultural land development

Geographic and crop diversification is one of our company’s greatest differentials. We are present in seven different states in Brazil, in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast regions. We also go beyond Brazilian borders to promote the generation of value in Paraguay and Bolivia.

Diversification of climate risks

With efficiency and environmental responsibility, we produce soy, corn, cotton, sugarcane and beans, in addition to raising cattle (livestock).

Crop diversification

First Brazilian agricultural production company to go public on the Novo Mercado and the first Brazilian in the agribusiness sector to list ADRs on the NYSE.

Corporate Governance

We acquired rural properties that we believe have significant potential to generate value through the maintenance of assets and the development of profitable agricultural activities.

Business Model based on value creation

Our portfolio consists of 21 owned and leased farms, totaling 278 thousand hectares. 

217,737 ha | In Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia
60,157 ha | Agricultural Partnerships
More than 70,000 ha | Preserved Area


Land Portfolio

In the case of Brazil, around 26.6% of GDP comes from Agribusiness.

Attractive sector to invest